I’m back!

To my three or four fans, I’m coming back to the fold people!  It’s been 3 years since I released a book or even a short story.  I may have lost track of time… But that’s all about to change.  (I paid top dollar to revive my website so you know I’m serious. )

What’s going to be different this time around? Less comics, more short stories.  I have around ten years until I retire from the military life so it’s clearly time to get going on the freelance writing career.  Over 10,000 copies of my work are out there and you all enjoyed them (well most of you).  I’m dying to get back to it.

I will finish the sequel to Void Star but right now I’m stuck on a novel I’ve been developing for the last year.  It’s called Cloud Trigger. The first draft is in the works now.

Look forward to posting more soon.