April’s NaNoWriMo Writing Experiment

It’s been a wild month trying a book in 30 days.  Today marks the beginning of the 2/3 point.  I’m only a little behind in my word count goal.  Wow, it’s been fun.  I’ve had good guys turn into bad guys then back and vice versa.  The futuristic universe I built is brimming with possibilities.  I feel like I’m in the scenes this time around.  Sounds.  Smellings.  Sights.  I hope I have more skill then I did last time to bring the reader along with me.

There’s a lot of action, build up to the climax, big surprises, a vivid setting and unique characters that I have fallen in love with and enjoy writing about.  I’m hoping that at the finish line of this thing I’ll have the bones of a brilliant science fiction adventure.  Here’s to the final stretch.